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Camera Choices

Much is made of the advantages of film over digital.
The suppliers of digital cameras will have you believe that the images from their cameras are as good as film, so, after 10 years of promising to do a true comparison this is what we have found.  

Image A  was shot with our Sinar 10” x 8” camera used with a 240 lens shooting on Fuji Provia 100 transparency film. Image B was shot using a Fujifilm GFX 50s Medium Format camera fitted with a 32mm-64mm F4 LM WR lens and Image C on a Canon 5D MK111 with a Sigma 24mm-70mm 2.8 DGHSM lens.  We took great care to give as close a direct comparison to one another and we took the shots within a 10 minute time frame, so slight variations in exposure might be apparent.

The 10” × 8” transparency from the Sinar was scanned in at 600MB making a 1366x1000mm at 300dpi  original , the 2 digital cameras when taken to the same file height the RAW digital files came out at 146MB -147dpi for the Fuji and 65MB –  97dpi for the Canon by direct comparison, so it’s fair to say film still has the advantage over digital.The images above show a section of the image from each camera. Although the scanner has picked up some of the film grain and enlarged any dust or fine hairs (540% enlargement!) the resulting image of the Sinar camera is still higher definition than the digital versions.  Admittedly the digital image is cleaner, quicker to download to computer and more speedily available to go to print, the choice is yours.