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Studio Backdrops

At Rutters our facilities, knowledge and experience within the realms of printing backdrops and translights for movies, television and stage settings provide us with a wealth of understanding of the requirements that different environments have.

You can rely on us to supply images that are ideal for your studio work, whether within a photographic studio for a family, fashion or advertising shoot or in a larger environment for a video project.

Our products range is such that whether you need a 2m x 2m colour printed sheet or larger we can print and deliver within your timescale.

We also have a large selection of images for our clients’ use in our Ruttersuk image library. Clicking the link will open a new window where you can see our huge range of images that you could chose from. Talk to our experts and tell us what you want and no doubt  we’ll be able to modify any of these to satisfy your needs.

We have been working closely with all of the major production companies for many years now and are able to produce exceptional printing on every kind of medium required, be it a paper, carpet, a flag, a reproduction of a mosaic floor or a stunning background on a huge canvas.

We pride ourselves on our ability to turn a job around in the ideal time window and to please even the most demanding customer.

Pricing starts at around £2 per sq.ft or £20 per sq.m. printed Colorama type paper, other longer life materials are available.

You can telephone us on  +44 1223 833522  or  email us: with any questions you may have.